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DataGravity for Virtualization Standard Edition
Gain Data Security and Actionable Insights from Your Virtual Environment DataGravity for Virtualization

DataGravity for Virtualization

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DataGravity for Virtualization Standard Edition
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Understanding Your Data is the Key to Protecting It

Whether a hacker is breaking into your computing environment, a contractor is downloading privileged information, or an employee is inadvertently saving budget files to the wrong file share, your organization is continuously exposed to data security threats. Network-centric security solutions simply guard the perimeter, missing the fundamental truth that you need to understand what data you have and where you are most at risk. If you are like most organizations, meaningfully answering these questions is often complicated by data access policies that are difficult to enforce across a growing sprawl of virtual machines (VMs). It is simply too easy for data to get lost or forgotten. Unmanaged data, along with the ambiguity as to who and how it is being accessed, is a significant security risk that could lead to loss and noncompliance. DataGravity shines a light on this dark data, so you can easily identify and protect your high value information.

Reveal the Insights within Your Data
DataGravity for Virtualization is the only data security software solution designed to protect your data where it lives, embedded within your virtualized environment. Seamlessly deployed as a virtual appliance, DataGravity for Virtualization provides timely intelligence and actionable insights to secure and protect your entire virtualized data infrastructure. Advanced monitoring, analytics, and alerting provide you with a 360 degree view of all your data. With DataGravity for Virtualization, you define policies to automatically discover the data that is valuable to you, detect anomalous user access behaviors, and defend your organization against careless exposure, data loss, malicious users, ransomware, and regulatory noncompliance.

Protect Your Data From the Inside Out

With DataGravity for Virtualization, you achieve a comprehensive view of your virtualized data, for significantly better data management, protection, security, and compliance.

  • Find and protect your most sensitive data
  • Gain unparalleled visibility into VMbased data
  • Know who and how your data is being used
  • Mitigate risks to your data and meet compliance objectives
  • Respond automatically to access anomalies with behavior-based protection
  • Instantly identify and recover files lost to ransomware, malware, and malicious users

Minimize the risks to your data with DataGravity.

DataGravity for Virtualization (DGfV) was designed to secure and protect data in virtual machine environments by seamlessly integrating data security, search and discovery, and data protection into a turnkey software appliance.

Understanding Your Data is the Key to Protecting It


Achieve a 360 Degree View of Your Data

Understand and manage your data with advanced visualization and discovery tools.

View People, Content and Activities Over Time
DataGravity for Virtualization is designed to provide complete visibility into data stored within each VM, and associate this information with who is interacting with it and when. Content across more than 600 file types are keyword indexed and pattern matched against pre- and customer-defined content tags.

Monitor and Protect Your Most Sensitive Data
DataGravity for Virtualization automatically identifies, monitors, and alerts you of sensitive and confidential files found within your VMs. A rich set of rules helps protect sensitive data and provides the ability to build custom rules specific to your data. For compliance and forensic analysis, immutable audit trails are maintained for all files and users.

Achieve a 360 Degree View of Your Data

Secure Your Data Where It Lives

Protect your virtual environment with actionable data insights and threat detection.

Search, Visualize and Discover Quickly and Easily
DataGravity for Virtualization allows you to find the data you need, when you need it. With keyword search, data visualizations, and click-and-drill exploration, you can easily navigate and analyze content and user activity to support data management, security and compliance workflows. Search and filter by keyword, tags, fingerprints, file characteristics, access timeframes, owners and users to define and refine data subsets of interest.

Recover from Malicious Activities and Ransomware
Built-in, behavior-based analytics track and analyze user access to notify you of potentially suspicious and anomalous activities, including active ransomware attacks. DataGravity for Virtualization catalogs changed and deleted files for each VM, so you can quickly recover files lost to ransomware, malicious corruption, or unintentional deletion.

Secure Your Data Where It Lives

Gain Timely Intelligence into Your Entire Virtual Infrastructure

Drive down your risk of data loss and costly noncompliance

DataGravity for Virtualization - Key Features

  • Rapid Deployment within Virtual Environments
  • Deep File and Content Analytics across VMs
  • Visualization and Visibility into VM-based Content
  • Sensitive Data Discovery and Detection
  • Data Tagging for Governance and Compliance
  • User Activity Monitoring and Audit Trails
  • Behavior-Based Data Protection and Recovery
  • Search and Discovery for Insights and Forensics
  • Fully Hypervisor-Aware, VM-Aware and Storage-Aware


Visualize, Search, and Discover

Gain a 360° view of your data, making it easy to understand its composition, who is using it, and how.

Easily identify data that hasn’t been accessed within your company’s retention policy to find files that could be archived or deleted.

Perform keyword searches across all your unstructured file content and refine those results by a range of file and system attributes to find lost files, identify key contributors, and unlock the value hidden in your data.

Identify and Secure Sensitive Data

Find and protect your sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, patient IDs, customer information, and even confidential intellectual property specific to your firm.

Continuously monitor, detect, and proactively report back data security concerns using built-in and customer-defined classification tags.

Quickly determine your risks by understanding where your sensitive data lives, if it has been exposed, and how broadly it has been accessed.

Audit File and User Activities

Achieve an in-depth understanding of data access patterns.  The system tracks interactions across all files and users within all your VMs, including who has accessed the data, what operations were performed, and when they occurred.

With built-in dashboards, ad hoc queries, and exportable results, DGfV helps you to confirm compliance with data privacy and protection laws and quickly respond to security incidents.

Achieve Behavior-Based Data Protection

DataGravity for Virtualization (DGfV) monitors user interactions with the data stored within a VM and triggers data protection points when anomalous user behavior is detected. Other actions include logging the issue to your SIEM via syslog and notifying the administrator via email of the issue.

Catalogs are created for each snapshot that include an audit trail of changed and deleted files, data access patterns, and content properties.

Quickly recover from malicious events, such as ransomware attacks, by knowing who and how files have changed, then restoring previous file versions from available snapshots.

Product Comparision:

The Essentials Edition helps you identify and protect your most sensitive data from careless exposure, data loss, and regulatory noncompliance. It also provides file and user activity tracking. The Standard Edition extends the DataGravity feature set to include threat detection, forensic analysis, and behavior based data protection and recovery.

DataGravity for Virtualization Editions


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DataGravity Products
DataGravity for Virtualization Editions
DataGravity for Virtualization Standard Edition
Please Call for Pricing!